The No.1 Wedding Season Guide

Are you planning a Wedding or are you just about ready to skip down the aisle? Looking for great ideas for flowers and colour schemes? Or how about a signature cocktail to celebrate your joyous occasion? The No.1 Wedding Season Guide is a bright and colourful infographic filled with some floral and fruity ideas.NO.1 Wedding Season Guide

Created by Loyes Diamonds this colourful guide will help you on your way, to creating a colourful theme for your wedding day.


Best Wedding Guide – Part 5

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Four Weeks to Go My Wedding … she shrieks! Please don’t  there’s simply no need.

Ok ladies, time to put your hands up to your head and hold tight onto that hair. Phew, it’s still all there. No need to pull it out, as yet again  I’ve got you covered.

Here we go, here we go, here we go, just four short weeks… to go. It’s now down to the nitty-gritty. Time to make yet another CHECKLIST, on a fresh new page, of all the fiddly bits that need doing asap. This one will help free your mind of unnecessary stress. You’ve made it thus far and planned the heck out of this event, so keep calm and check, check, check.

keep calm quote best wedding blog1. Let’s kick off with this one, finalize all your arrangements for out of town attendants and guests.

2. Please, if you haven’t already done this then please make sure you organize your final dress fitting. And one for the Bridesmaids too if necessary.

3. Have you purchased gifts for the people who helped you most on this journey, bridesmaids, groomsmen, mums, and dads?

4. Compile a list of all of the wedding vendors and wedding party, with contact information. Carry this list with you everywhere you go (just in case). Contact vendors that will you need for your wedding morning and organize timings with them.

5. Now would be a good time to ensure you communicate rehearsal dinner details to those who will attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Put in on the list, now!

6. Are you leaving from the Venue on the morning of your wedding. If so, it’s important to look into where bride, groom, and attendants will dress for the ceremony. Also, communicate this to all necessary vendors.

7. One Week Left. Don’t ‘Freak Out’. Just chill and make yourelf a cuppa. You’ve got the checklist in hand still, am I right? Free up a day for yourself about a week before the wedding and sort out some of the finer details, this will help you stay calm and relaxed.pretty cup and saucer best wedding guide blog

8. Contacting suppliers to confirm arrival times of Makeup Artists, flowers, car etc.,

9. Organise all your envelopes with any fees due on the wedding morning. It makes this painless for you and easy for dishing out on the day. 

10. A good time to contact your Venue’s Wedding Planner with a final head count.

11. This one’s a doozy, appoint a trustworthy person to bring important items (cake knife, toasting glasses, etc.) to the reception. In addition, appoint someone to act as an “organiser” to handle any last-minute problems. A close friend is a good choice.

12. Have you organised ‘Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue’?

13. With one week to go, get final beauty treatment, manicure, waxing, brow shaping and tan.

14. To put your mind at ease, confirm your honeymoon arrangements. Make a short honeymoon checklist and Begin packing now. Keep in your spare room or by your bed and start packing essentials. 

15. If all you’re checking went to plan, the rehearsal dinner and speeches were a breeze… you’re almost ready!

The Night Before, Remember to breathe:

16. Just to put your mind at ease, confirm honeymoon arrangements.

17. Please, don’t forget to pack an overnight bag for wedding day and evening.

18. This is an essential part of the process, attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner; 

19. Remember to give the rings, and officiant’s fee, to the best man.

20. Lastly on this day, try to get some rest

…Your day has finally arrived!two brides kissing Best wedding Guide Blog

Chill babes. Didn’t you have the Best Wedding Guide to plan?  It’s all done and dusted and triple checked.

On your day, just take a breath and enjoy every single moment.

x Debs x

Best Wedding Guide – Part 4

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Remember when you got engaged, like a year or so ago and you thought to yourself… “ages to go yet”. Sorry, loves I didn’t mean to panic you. Sure don’t I alway have your back, simply check back through my Best Wedding Guide and get checking off everything you’ve done. I am here to put the CALM into your planning.

Four Months to go – ‘The divil is in the detail’wedding rings - best wedding guide blog



1. Make sure you have ordered your wedding rings. Seriously, have you done that yet? Chewing gum foil wrappers on the wedding morning just will not do.

2. Don’t forget to shop for shoes for Bride and Groom. Get this job in now. Don’t be and SCREAM when you can’t find the perfect pair of pumps to walk you down the aisle.

3. Most importantly, obtain a marriage license. Bring all necessary documents. This is one of those fecky little details peeps tend to put on the long finger. Just organize, put it out of the way and then it’s done.

4. Make essential calls, including confirming wedding ceremony and reception music. So important, keep in touch with all your suppliers. Things happen in life and you don’t want to end up having a ‘missing’ essential supplier on your wedding day.

5. If you plan on writing your own vows, start writing them now. Not at the last minute. This will give you time for edits and to research some heartfelt quotes.

6. Have you posted your invites yet? Should I even have to ask you this question? If you haven’t, then don’t waste any more time. You do want people to show up, don’t you?

7. Did you know? The wedding ring goes on the ‘ring finger’ because it is the only finger, with a vein that connects straight to the heart

8. Lads, the last eight weeks fly in so I am including this now. The more organized you are the more joyful your day will be.

9. Another essential detail to remember ladies,  organize that first dress fitting. If you have lost weight, you may need a couple of fittings before the Big Day. Imagine when you go to pick up your dress and it’s too big and you are getting married the next day and alterations need to be done. Well, it won’t happen, because you have read this article. Get on the phone and make that alterations appointment if you need, brunch pretty table setting - best wedding guide blog

10. Need an excuse for a girls day out shopping? Not if you are getting married in a couple of months. At this stage of the game, I would highly recommend a get together with your bridal party to shop. Make sure all your bridesmaids are singing off the same hymn sheet when it comes to shoes and accessories. Make sure you BRUNCH first then shop. This ensures peace and harmony when making decisions.

11. It’s all about those deets peeps. Time to go over your wedding guest list. If there have been changes to room bookings or someone can’t go, let the venue know in advance. This is important for you to do before you pay your final bill. Don’t get caught with any extra charges.

12. Finally, and this is part of the business of making calls. Confirm all transportation plans. Not just for you, but for your out of town guests (hire a bus if needs must to shuttle guests to the venue). It’s easy to organise, set up a paypal account, get everyone to contribute to the shuttle bus and it will make theirs and your lives easier. They can enjoy a few drinks and not have to worry about how to get home. Just an idea.

love begins in a moment, grows over time, and lasts and eternity.

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Best Wedding Guide – Part 3

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“Planning my wedding was totally stress-free,” said no Bride… EVER!

Stay calm and don’t get too excited, but can you believe it. Only 6 months to go. Eek!.

Just as well you have me on hand to help you keep the ‘head’ screwed on so you can get this important sh*t done. Oh, and ten more things to strike of your checklist. Check.girl on bed in room best wedding guide blog

  1. Have you organized the bridal suite for the night of your wedding yet?  If you are getting married in a hotel, ensure you have the wedding suite reserved. It is, after all, where the real fun begins.
  2. The time has now come to finalize the wedding guest list. Remember, guys, it’s your wedding day so sit down together for this. Invite who you want, not who everyone else thinks you should invite. Sure, when was the last time you saw Uncle Paddy, Aunty Mary or Cousin Vinny??hand with pencil writing checklist - best wedding guide blog
  3.  Order invitations. Or, let me assure you, no one will show up. Make sure you order at least an extra 25 invites.  Also don’t forget to include other wedding stationary, pretty place cards and thank you notes.
  4.  If you want the best, ensure you book your makeup and hair trials if you haven’t already done so.
  5. Finalize all honeymoon plans. If traveling outside the country, arrange for visas, passports, and inoculations. This stuff matters you know.
  6. Hire your wedding day transportation (carriage, limousine service, etc.). If you don’t you’ll have to invite Cousin Vinny and use his car or your ma’s or da’s. Eh, No! So go on, get googling.table setting with bride tag on acorn - best wedding guide
  7. Plan, Meet, Order, and Eat. Plan the rehearsal dinner.  Schedule a time close to your wedding date to hold the rehearsal dinner. My advice, don’t leave it until the day before your wedding.The reason, stress, and emotions are at an all-time high the day before a wedding.Trust me! I recommend organizing it for about three days before the wedding. Advise everyone who needs to attend to book an afternoon off so you can all have a proper run through. And a few drinks. Oh, and a bit of fun. All while getting the important stuff done.
  8. Order tuxedos for the groom and groomsmen. Do not leave this until the last minute.  It’s important you and your partner make time shop around. Decide on color scheme’s, style, fit and think about the shoes.  Then get ordering as you will need time to arrange for fittings.
  9. Whether you are getting married in a hotel, castle or marquee, food is important. Meet with the caterer to go over menus, wine selections, etc. Have a good idea beforehand what kind of menu you would like. Also having prior knowledge of your guests who have allergies or are vegetarian will help when putting the menu quote by debs leonard best wedding guid
  10. Let them eat Cake – Order the wedding cake. Go for more tastings if necessary. Well, I would anyway. Get in lots and lots of tastings. Yummy.bride and makeup artist hugging best wedding guide blog

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