Wedding Morning Timeline how to arrive on time!

How to arrive on time – a Wedding Morning Timeline!

Is your wedding morning fast approaching?  Fretting about being late? To all you fabulous future brides, let me help you get to the ceremony in time!

There are but a few hours beautify,  dress up, get photographed and leave for your ceremony. Therefore, timing is everything! You want to savour each and every single moment of this day. Why? Haven’t you only meticulously planned all year this once in a lifetime event? So, when the moment arrives you want to step gracefully into your dream dress and swan out, stress-free, to your awaiting carriage.

To help your dream morning unfold as you have always desired I have carefully compiled some top tips too – as the song goes ‘Get you To The Church on Time’

The following timeline is based on a 2.00 p.m. Wedding

Need more tips. Tell me what you want, leave a comment below or email me. Only to glad to share xx and happy future wedding day!!




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