Best Wedding Guide – part 1

The Best Wedding Guide starts here! CONGRATULATIONS future brides, now, there’s no need to get stuck on where to start, I’ve got you covered.

If you are newly engaged, the thoughts of planning your dream day can be both terrifying and exciting at the same time. You’re both probably, at this moment in time, trying to figure out, like where in the bejaysus (irishism) do we actually begin? Yikes! Planning is crucial to ensuring you have the greatest day ever, so with you soon to be mister and missus’ in mind, I’ve refined the best wedding guide to enable you to plan and check as your adventure together progresses. Moving on …

Wedding countdown starts here – twelve months to go

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First of all the best Wedding advice ever…

  1. determine your budget and how the expenses will be shared.
  2. Next important decision for you both is to discuss the size, style, location, and scope of the wedding you want.
  3. Thirdly, you will want to choose a target wedding date and time. (The actual date will depend on venue availability.) Get organized.  Once the above three are in place, create a binder to store and organize ideas, worksheets, receipts, brochures, etc.
  4. Now would also be a good time to arrange a visit to your desired venues.  Get on the phone, and reserve the ones you like.Image with Hotel and Restaurant Sign Best Wedding Guide blog
  5. If you are going for a Civil Marriage, do the Research.  Then email or call to arrange a meet up with your proposed Solemnizer.  If it’s a church wedding, contact your Celebrant and organize a Marriage Course. There’s quite a bit o red tape involved in tying the knot so getting all these fecky details out of the way early will give you a bit of breathing space later on.
  6. Begin compiling your guest list to estimate headcount. Consider your budget when thinking about “must-invites” versus “nice-to-invites.” Hash out your desired amount of guests and ensure your family get plenty of notice. You truly want your nearest and dearest there for this once in a lifetime event.
  7. Lastly, and this is a must for the bride.  Start shopping for your dream bridal gown. Or at least start a Pinterest board of your desired wedding gown. It’s also fun!

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Debs has your back wedding peeps!♥ 

Enjoyed this… skip on to part 2

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