6 Essential Tips for making your Wedding Guest List

Are you attempting to successfully negotiate your wedding guest list in a peaceful manner with your other half? Yikes! This is a task that can prove just a tad bit challenging.  So, to help minimise any hairpulling episodes, usually done by said Bride; and to reduce stubborn arm-folding bouts of silence generally undertaking by said Groom; I’ve compiled 6 Essential Tips, to get you both started.

Firstly, pop the cork on a nice bottle of vino, give each other a little cuddle whilst expressing your undying love, hee hee! Ensure you both have a notebook and pens and get scribbling names. Good Luck!!! (link to printable at the end of this post x)


Deborah Leonard Makeup Artist Infographic, wedding guest list


I’d love to know how your list compiling went. Ooh and you can click a printable link to the infographic here, 6 Essential Tips for Making Your Wedding Guest List

Peace an Love and loadsa luck x


Credits for the featured image goes to unsplash.com


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