6 Cute Stationery ideas for your Wedding Day

Do you need a bit of help planning and organising your Wedding?  To help you gals and guys off to a good start, I’ve put together 7 Useful Stationery Items you will need to plan and organise your up and coming wedding.

  1. First off peeps, you need a plan on where to start. For most of you, this is your first time around. To help you kick off the planning you can check out my Best Wedding Guide Blog Posts,
  2. The Wedding Binder – Now that you have something to put into it, then the next thing you need is the Binder. A must have for any bride or groom who loves to get organised. Pop over to Etsy they’ve got a great selection of quirky and practical binders. Or, if you’re a bit of a DIY gal, I’ve left a link at the end of this post for a great one by a Bowl Full of Lemons see featured image also.
  3. Save the Date Cards – Pinterest is overrun with interesting ideas for these cards. Great, if you are budgeting and artsy. One, in particular, that’s stunning in its simplicity is of the future bride and grooms thumbprints. Combined on a rustic piece of card they create a heart.
  4. Invitations – Now you’ve thought about your theme, get ordering or creating. I’ve compiled some amazing ideas on Pinterest which you can check out here. It’s such a simple way to gather ideas by creating a  simple Board. Then you can start pinning your preferred styles.  In my Best Wedding Guide, I have outlined when you need to send these out.
  5. Place Settings – Another bit of stationery you can design yourself.  Get googling for some great and quirky ideas from around the net. I found a cute one with pink flowers in cork stoppers with simple setting cards. Get creative ladies! These ideas are simple to create your self and cost-cutting.
  6. Finally, the Thank You Cards – Most of your guests will have spent a few bob dolling themselves up and getting you a gift. A simple thank you card says it all. Use a favourite photo and again, keeping your theme in mind, customise it to your liking.

If you have any other fab stationary ideas, comment and share with other future brides and grooms,

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